no, i’m not talking about the presidential election (but i hope you are all planning to vote!)…

in a previous post i asked for help in deciding what classes to teach next year, now, it’s easier to do so! i’ve created a few polls for you and i’d appreciate it if you would take a minute or two and cast your vote!

and now a little incentive for you to help me out with this… IF at least 20 people vote in my “class election”, i will gift someone with a RAK on november 15th. to be eligible, just cast your ballots AND post a comment. Please include your name and e-mail address in the comment so i can get a hold of you if you WIN! (if you don’t want to post your e-mail address that is fine, just be sure to check back after the 15th to see if you won!) and NO, you don’t have to be a “local” to play along – all of you non-san antonio-ians can step into the voting booth too!

your opinions matter! thanks!


  1. I have only had the opportunity to take one of your classes so far but I very much enjoyed it. I would love to see more seasonal/holiday layouts and projects and I really want to take one of your sketch classes. I would never be able to make a daytime class (and weekends are difficult too) so I would love if you continued your weekday evening classes!

    And I voted that you should DEFINATELY keep teaching! I love your projects and your classes are a lot of fun!

  2. I have not taken any classes recently but I have in the past. Whatever your teaching I am sure it will be great. Keep teaching I love seeing all of your stuff.

  3. My daughter and I love the Mommy and Me Class. Its a great way for her and I to do something together. And, she loves “scrapbooking” like Mommy!

  4. I love everything you do!!!!!!!!!!! When hubbies in town I try to do what I can-AND YES YOU NEED TO KEEP TEACHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Pleeeze, pleeeze, pleeeze–keep on teaching! You’re incredibly talented and an amazing instructor! In terms of classes, I’d love to see some classes on working with B&W photos as well as some shabby chic and/or distressed LO classes. I would also be interested in a class where we could do a LO and then do a card with the scraps or left overs, or even a class that helps us use up scraps and stuff in our stash.
    Thanks Tami!

  6. Don’t you dare quit teaching classes…you know I love them. I’m there all the time. In fact , your classes are often what gets me in to the store and causes me to pruchase more stuff! If I’m not taking a class from you, I can be found copying (I guess scraplifting is a nicer sounding term) one of the layouts you have on display. Sometimes I do design my own pages though. My favorite class is the Sketch and Crop and another one similar to that one would be great.

  7. Your classes and store samples are where I get my inspiration 95% of the time. Please keep teaching…especially the Sketch and crop. Do not underestimate the impact you and your creativity has on many 911 shoppers. Much of my scrap booking fun comes from your classes!

  8. Well, I no longer live in SA and unfortunatley haven’t had the opportunity to attend one of your classes. But, as a scrapbook/papercraft instructor myself, I say you should definately keep teaching. I just saw some of your layouts on the 911 blog and they’re great.

    In my area, the project classes seem to be the biggest hits. When it comes to the layout classes my attendees really enjoy seeing the sketches or whatever it is that I got my inspiration from.

    Anywho, good luck with your classes next year. And, next time I come to SA to visit I’m definately stopping by!

    Katie in OK

  9. I love your classes! You are an excellent teacher, so please don’t quit teaching. Your classes are the only ones I attend. The ideas you come up with are amazing and I love you layouts.

  10. Oh, my gosh…Tami. Don’t even think of not teaching. You and your work are so inspiring. And when you teach, you are always there, ready to help and give ideas. What would 911 do without you?

  11. You should definitely keep teaching!! However, maybe you should consider changing the focus of your classes. Something along the lines of the home/seasonal decor projects you’ve submitted for calls and design teams would add a nice balance to all the mini-book and layout classes. And PLEASE continue the Photo-Full and nighttime Sketch classes. They are a huge help to me and my millions of photos…and I promise I WILL actually put those pictures on the pages!

  12. I already voted so assume it counts still. You must keep teaching-you’re the only one who has the patience to teach a dyslexic left handed person. Your ideas are very usable over and over. I prefer weekday; too many church activities on Sat/Sun. I would like to see “techniques” classes using tools that are outdated or ones I bought that I don’t have a clue how to use. Example: I found a bunch of the large eyelets that I bought up in every color that I haven’t used. Classes that inspire me to pull out that “old stuff”. Thanks for all you do!

  13. I love your classes and I hope that you continue to teach. You come up with some very creative ideas!!

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