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free class!

as a SPECIAL thank you to my “regulars”; i am offering a class – ABSOLUTELY FREE – to everyone who took 3 or more of my classes at Scrapbook 911 last year. i consider myself fortunate to have so many students who enjoy my classes and support me; and i want to give a little back to them. right now i have the class scheduled for Monday, February 23 from 6:30 to 8:30. if this first class fills up, i will be scheduling another one, i don’t want anyone to get left out!

so… without further ado, here is the GUEST LIST for this class, if your name is on the list, all you need to do is call Scrapbook 911 and sign up to attend.




Terry Burkowski

Becky Bauer

Judy Block

Deborah Bray

Julie Bridges

Caroline Booth

Karen Burgess

Charlotte Bellm

Lulu Bellm


Susan Christensen

Denesa Campos

Sandy Crellin

Yvonne Cravatt

Amy Crisp



Lori Elmer

Laura Ekert

Brandy Elliot


Clara Fidalgo


Cheryl Gotshall

Kim Green

Stacy Garcia

Vanessa Gerst



Rebecca Ingram


Maria James


Karen Killian

Robbie Kothman


Minette Luetkerhaus 

Denise Lara

Norma Loflin


Kathy McClain

Sandy Mullen

Carol Moser

Marilee McMillan

Chrissy Mattison

Donna McEwen




Rita Polen

Rocio Phelps



Tinka Rote

Lynn Rush

Sara Ramirez

Mandy Rice


 Veronica Stafford

Jeri Smith

Leaette Sosenka

Jeannie Schuppe

Pam Spradlin

Amy Shannon





Julie Warren

Melissa Walden



i tried to be as CAREFUL as possible when i combed through my last years class sheets – i didn’t want to leave anyone off the list that should be on it! but i am only human, and i may have made a mistake! if you think YOUR name should be here, PLEASE let me know and i’ll double check!


i appreciate EVERYONE who has signed up for any of my classes; i can’t teach, something i enjoy doing, without students!


thank you!


2 thoughts on “free class!

  1. If the first class fills up…would you consider holding the 2nd class in Oklahoma? I would even let you stay at our house.

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