under construction…

attention — this blog is under construction, things may appear, disappear and or reappear without notice! LOL!

since my blog has been up for over a year with NO significant changes, i decided that it was time to freshen it up a bit…

so, i’m checking and updating links, adding new catagories, trying out new galleries and slide shows and more… i have SO much that i want and need to add to my galleries, but i have to get it all scanned in or photographed first. i wanted to undertake this project earlier, but so much has been going on, it just had to get pushed back.

i had another major setback in getting started when drew downloaded a virus accidentally – and didn’t tell anyone! we didn’t know what was up until we couldn’t log onto the computer – it would let us log on, but then it would log us right back off! we couldn’t get to any programs at all! rob had to try to back up everything then wipe off and reload. some things were lost in the process. i just got my scanning program and a few other “specialty” programs dowloaded again. advice to everyone – if you purchase and download software – keep EVERYTHING! i thought i was going to have to re-buy software that i had purchased and downloaded on-line, but fortunately, i’d kept the e-mail receipts and was able to get the companies to send me the download info again. that could have been PRETTY expensive if i hadn’t kept those records. of course – the scary part is that i had them saved on the computer – which we could have lost! LOL! so maybe you should save hard copies too!

at any rate, the process is slow going. i have about a years worth of projects that need to be loaded in my galleries.  so keep checking back, you don’t know what will be different the next time you look!

UPDATE 3/23…

the link portion is pretty much finished, i’ve added about all i plan on adding right now – and they have all been checked so they should all be working!

i’ve redone ALL the galleries! they all have a fresh new look, and i’ve added new projects to all of them! i still need to scan and add some more recent projects, but for now – they are at least revamped!

my resume & about me pages have been redone as well!

so things are going well! if you have any comments or suggestions on the changes, please feel free to make them!

please leave a comment; i'd love to hear from you!

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