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it’s that time again…

it’s just about time for CHA which means that companies will be releasing NEW products by the BUNCHES!

i’ve been busy, busy, busy cranking out projects for various companies and purposes. unfortunately, i can’t share a lot of them just yet — but hopefully soon! REMINISCE is releasing some REAL CUTE lines VERY soon, and when i get the go ahead, i’ll load up my projects to share with you! I DO have one thing that i CAN show you, but you’ll have to wait and read the rest of the post! LOL!

with the kiddos out for the summer, it just seems like the days fly by trying to take care of things and keep them busy. my dad finished his radiation treatments a few weeks ago — we have to wait a few more weeks before they can check and see if it worked — but then had to have angioplasty last week to put in a stent. he’s doing well now, but he and mom have been taking it a little easier lately. rob’s been working late the past few weeks trying to get caught up at work so that we can take a family vacation at the end of july. i feel like i’ve lost weeks, it seems like july just started, but it’s almost half over already!

i’m sorry my poor blog has been neglected – my apologies to those of you who read it regularly!

i was also busy this month getting ready for classes, i’ve already had 3 this month! i had my mom and me class on saturday, and here are some pics of the kids at work with their moms {and a few “big” kids who took the class alone ;)}:

[rockyou id=140542858&w=426&h=320]

i’ll be taking most of august off, so i won’t have my usual monday classes: photofull, sketch and crop and money $aving sketches – but don’t worry, they will be back in september. i WILL BE teaching 2 classes on saturday, august 22:

Mom & Me – Treasure Box with Log Book:

box and book - 600 and a Sea World Mini Album using the new UNDER THE SEA line by REMINISCE:

sw mini album


i did want to give you a little heads up about my classes too… my last mom & me class had 14 signed up, that translates to 28 people! fortunately, a few of those were kits, but room is getting limited. also, i only have a certain amount of product sometimes, so when a class fills up, it fills up! i only have 12 of the treasure boxes and the class is half full already. so if you are interested, please sign up ASAP!

another class that is quickly filling up is PHOTO-FULL! in the past, i’ve said it is okay to just sign up the day of the class, and it might still be okay in some instances. but i  had to actually “close” the class as full on monday – i had 30 people signed up! so, please, if you know you want to come, don’t wait until the last minute. the crop room is big, but there are only so many tables available and then that’s it!

another class note, i do have kits available for most of my classes, even PHOTO-FULL, SKETCH & CROP and MONEY $AVING SKETCHES. so if you can’t make a class in person, you can still get a kit. kits include all directions and photos of the project.

NOW — you’ve been patient so far by reading up to here { no fair if you scrolled down :( } so i’ll reward you with the little peek i mentioned above. i’ve been given the go ahead by CLEARSNAP to reveal their EIGHT BRAND NEW COLORS OF SMOOCH!!! so… drumroll please…….

color shot

from left to right, the new colors are: Taffy – a bright and beautiful bubble gum pink, Pool – a sparkly carribean aqua, Lucious Lime – a gorgeous green with some touches of gold and bronze, Grape Soda – a pearly fizzy lavendar, Cherry Chocolate – the name says it all!  rich and lucious!, Nautical Navy – a proper royal blue, Molasses – a deep bronzy brown and Snickerdoodle, a creamy vanilla.

i’ll have projects up using these soon {hopefully!}

well, that catches me up a little bit at least. i’ll try my best to have more eye candy up for you soon!

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