prism paper — guest designer for october…

i was selected as one of 4 guest designers for Prism Papers for the month of october…

here’s the layout that caught their eye…

patch - 600


i was HOPING they wouldn’t be able to resist my cute little guy! LOL!

i’ll be working on some projects for them in september, and they’ll be posted to their blog in october.

i’ll also be posting peeks of the projects here, and including links to the PRISM BLOG, so you can check out the full project if you would like.

also, this month…

i was flipping through the BHG Halloween Tricks and Treats issue and found a few familiar projects…

first i saw a halloween card that i did for CLEARSNAP included in their ad…

 clearsnap ad

THEN —- i saw this!

 haunted house


 BHG requested this project about 3 YEARS ago! i didn’t think i’d EVER see it in print, but there it was, and coincidentally — it was placed RIGHT next to the Clearsnap ad.  i was very surprised, i didn’t know either project would be in there.

thanks for letting me share — i hope to have some more projects up soon.

i’ve been trying to get caught up on my classes – getting everything lined up and ready for september. so i haven’t had a lot of free time to create some “makey-do’s” for the blog, but i’ll get on it SOON!

3 thoughts on “prism paper — guest designer for october…

  1. Congrats! That is so neat! Ur designs are always the coolest! Can’t wait to see the newest projects! :)

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