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zip dry lovers UNITE!

i just now realized that i posted this on april fools day – but it wasn’t an april fools joke! i am really having issues with the new zip dry!

i have just sent an e-mail to BEACON ADHESIVES, and if you aren’t happy with the new cap/applicator design and possibly the new formula change, i suggest you e-mail them too and let them know!

if you use ZIP DRY on a regular basis you probably know what i’m talking about, but for those of you who don’t…

i have been using and recommending Zip Dry liquid adhesive for quite awhile; it works great and is quick and easy to use. but recently, they changed the cap and applicator style. you used to be able to clip the top off the applicator to create the size opening you wanted – from a small hole for a fine line of glue, to a larger one for a thicker line. now, they’ve changed the top so you that you have to cut off the entire tip, which results in a BIG hole, which means that you get BIG FAT lines of glue. not really what i’m looking for in a liquid adhesive. it may seem like a little thing, but it makes a big difference. also, the bottle used to have a screw on cap to seal it up, now you get a tiny red snap on cap – that doesn’t stay on.

another thing that i have noticed just recently, is that Zip Dry seems to be interacting with my tape runner, and not in a good way. i have been using tape runners to adhere my photos for awhile, and have used a few different brands. i adhere my photo to my cardstock mat with tape runner, then adhere the mat to my background. the Zip Dry and tape runner are on opposite sides of the paper. BUT, lately, when i do this, the photo starts to pull away from the mat. and if you lift up the photo, you can see where the tape runner has sorta liquefied and is all gooey. i had never experienced this problem before the bottle change. which makes me wonder if more that the bottle has changed. i am using the same tape runner as i did before, so that hasn’t changed. and several of my students have been experiencing the same problem, and the tape runner brands differ.

SO — if you loved your Zip Dry the way it was, PLEASE send an e-mail to and let them know!

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