road trip…

i’ve been trying and trying to get some pics of the boys in the wildflowers and bluebonnets this year. seems like i say that EVERY year, but things come up and by the time i get around to it — the flowers are GONE!

i thought for sure this year would be the same; i had the boys all set to go twice and we got rained out both times. i didn’t mind the overcast weather we’ve been having because you don’t have to worry about squinty eyes because the sun is in them or being in the shadows. but i just couldn’t get them taken and the flowers were fading.

rob and drew had been up to abilene and back about a week ago for an academic meet and they came back talking about how pretty and colorful the flowers were along the way.

so, we decided to take a road trip up through fredericksburg today, and the weather was BEAUTIFUL! we headed out in the morning and started up i10. the flowers were FABULOUS! reds, blues, yellows, pinks, whites and purples! but, there wasn’t anyplace to safely pull off i10, so we took 87 up to fredericksburg. but the flowers weren’t half as pretty on the way into town. just a few patches here and there. so we continued through fred up to mason. there were still large patches of flowers up that way, so we stopped several time to take pics.

then we headed back into fred for lunch at the fredericksburg brewing company. we took a few pics while we waited, and a few more after lunch. the food is GREAT there; we ordered a few different things then just split them up so we could try a variety.

after lunch, we wandered downtown, window shopping as chris called it. we did duck into a few stores for a closer look. then we headed back, stopping at a candy store for snacks for the drive home.

here’s some pics of the trip:

and a good time was had by all – the end!

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