oh’ the irony! lol!

while out making the circuit of LSS’s here in san antonio, i happened to pick up the october issue of scrapbooks etc. magazine…

i felt a little twinge of sadness looking at the cover, as THIS is the month that my baby’s photo SHOULD have been on the cover layout! remember this photo?

{thanks, by the way, to all of you who voted!}

for those of you who don’t know what i am talking about – scrapbooks etc. had a cover contest last year, “cute kid” photos were solicited each month, and a handful were then selected as “finalists” for that month. then ALL the monthly finalists would compete for the cover. my pumpkin patch photo of chris was selected as one of the monthly finalists and thanks to MANY, MANY friends and family members {and a little voting fraud to overcome}, chris was declared the winner for the month of october and went on to compete for the cover. but alas, a little boy munching on watermelon was chosen as the winner. so after imagining what could have been for a moment, i flipped though the magazine and came across a SURPRISE!

chris wasn’t on the cover, but DREW was among the pages! the halfpage CLEARSNAP ad featured a halloween layout i had done for them awhile back, with photos of drew dressed up as harry potter. ..

so, ONE of my kids made it into the october issue! it wasn’t exactly what i had envisioned, but i’ll take it! LOL!

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