back “issue” sale!

for those of you who take any of my monthly classes on a regular basis, you may have heard me mention that i would be making some of my past classes available for order.

well – i have them ALL lined up and ready to go! i have several years worth of PhotoFull, Sketch & Crop and Money $aving $ketch class directions available.

i will be selling all of the “back issues” for the bargain price of $4 each. so if you missed a few months here and there or you are new to one or more of the classes and and would like to see what you missed – now is the time!

if you are local, i have books containing all of the class sheets if you would like to flip through and select the class directions you would like copies of.

for those of you who are out of town – i haven’t yet figured out a way for you to view sample photos of the classes, so if you are interested, please contact me and i’ll let you know when i DO figure it out!

each set of directions is complete with a list of supplies needed, cutting directions and color photos of the project.

i’ll be bringing the class books with me to my september classes at Scrapbook 911, so if you are taking one of those classes, you can peruse them then. otherwise, please e-mail me and i’ll work out a time to meet up.

thanks for your interest in my classes! it is GREATLY appreciated!

please leave a comment; i'd love to hear from you!

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