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ckc san marcos… day #1

day #1 of ckc san marcos went wonderfully!

i went with my friend laura and we got there about 10:30 or so. we shopped a bit – bought a LOT – then had lunch. then shopped some more! but after a few hours we were WORN out! so although we still had more than an hour before my class started, we cried “uncle” and found some comfy chairs to collapse in while we waited!

we saw lots of scrappers we knew, it was like a mini reunion! it was nice to see gals that we hadn’t seen in awhile.

we were able to get into the classroom right on time and had everything set up and ready to go with time to spare. the class was pretty full – in fact – if we’d had any more i’m not sure where we would have put them! LOL! today’s class was PHOTOFULL and we had the first layout COMPLETELY done in 20 minutes FLAT! the second one took a bit longer, but we still ended early. i can’t believe how speedy everyone was! an hour isn’t a lot of time to get 2 layouts done – especially PHOTOFULL layouts, but we had everyone wrapped up, chatted with a few folks, cleaned up and were on our way out a FULL minute before the class was scheduled to end! WHOO! WHOO!

a BIG thanks to laura – my “vanna” for the day, and to my ta’s cheri and purvi! thanks gals – you were great!

tomorrow is the BIG day – my mini book class! and it is FULL! so it’s going to be a bit more hectic than today. but i am hoping that things run as smoothly tomorrow as they did today!

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