my office/studio…

we are FINALLY getting around to getting my office finished – or trying to anyway…

mom came over last week and helped me pack EVERYTHING up, which translates to “i have no idea where anything is!”

but, at least i’m making progress. i’ve already sent out for estimates, and was focusing today on paint colors. i went to lowe’s today to pick up some samples so i could bring them home and decide. i was TRYING to keep an open mind about color choice…

— how’d i do?

well, there ARE many DIFFERENT shades of lime green in the mix :)

i honestly did try, i looked at a soft rose – yuck! i’m just NOT a pink person, peach and orange were out of the question, yellow – i’m saving that for the kitchen, blue? robin’s egg, aqua? NOPE, and purple – i’m just NOT going there! i tried to look at a few shades of brown, and i even debated a soft grey, but in the end – i wandered over the the green section, and of course proceeded to pick up ANY hue that i deemed to belong to the lime family. i DID give myself one last shot to chose a nice, soft sage color, but NADA. so the plan was to take the swatches home and MAKE sure that is what i wanted, but then i flipped through a sample book that shows rooms and found this…

it just looked so fresh and pretty, i LOVED it. and i planned on white countertops to go with my natural maple cabinets. CRISP! like an apple! so great, i had my color — or did i. when i picked up a swatch of the color shown, it didn’t match the color in the photo! the swatch had a LOT more blue in it and leaned more toward mint or sage than it did lime. so i went searching for a swatch that DID match the photo, and drumroll please…… the winner is…. KEY LIME PIE!

i’m sure that comes to NO great surprise to any of you who know me! i went ahead and bought the paint instead of being rational and reasonable and going home to think about it. i was scared i’d chicken out and go for something safe and boring! in fact, just to make SURE i didn’t change my mind and just decide to leave the office the nice, dull, pink-y brown it is now, i came home and painted squares of the key lime on each wall!

i think it will look fun and add some energy to the room. and it’s not like a HUGE amount of the wall color is going to show anyway, i’ve got upper and lower cabinets on 3 of the 4 walls. so there will be a little space at the top, between the uppers and lowers, over my desk, and a few other small areas. i just hope i DO like it once it’s done!

i hope to get started painting this week, but we have to clear out the furniture first. does anyone need a computer armoir or a bookcase? we are selling both! they both have a light pickled finish and are in good condition. here’s some pics…

 you could also use the armoire for scrapbooking! merry christmas to YOU! {drop me an e-mail if you are interested in these}

i’m also having to give up my MUCH beloved vintage science lab table. i’m sure i’m the only one who would want it! it’s that lovely hospital green that was SO popular in the 50’s. but there just isn’t room for it so it HAS to go too :(

i’ll try to take pics and post them of our progress – hopefully there WILL BE SOME!

One thought on “my office/studio…

  1. I think it’s a great color choice! Laura’s studio is painted lime green…and it looks great! It’s the color I’m going to use for my scrapbook room once I buy my house!

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