another break-in…

this time, it was not my car, it was jane’s at The Scrapbooking Factory!

i wish the police would figure out this type of crime needs to be a PRIORITY! i see so many patrol cards of the shooting radar, maybe they should be prowling parking lots instead! oh well, off my soapbox…

jane sent the following e-mail out to her newsletter list, i just wanted to post it here for anyone who might need the info and is not subscribed to her list:”

What a day!!!  

My car was broken into today and my lap top was stolen. I can confirm nones personal information was on my computer other then Names and or Email addresses no physical addresses, phone numbers or credit card info was stored on there so you will not be effected in that way….however along with my laptop my notebook that contains all the retreat info as far as who had signed up for what retreats and whom has paid was also taken. What I need from you is to please inform me as to what you have already signed up for and paid for as far as retreats. I have some records here at home and will process those as I can but in the meantime please send me an email and let me know what retreat you have already paid for.

Rockin R retreat ladies: My list of attendees were in my notebook and for several of you email is the only way I know how to reach you so please get in touch with me via email ASAP so I can send you the updated retreat info!  

I am so sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you and please contact me to discuss this matter if you have any further questions.

Jane Pfeiffer

The Scrapbooking Factory 


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