i had my first “relocated” classes at stamp antonio yesterday and all i can say is WOW!

i didn’t know quite what to expect, or how many students to expect, but i was OVERWHELMED by the attendence! we had 20 in money $aving $ketches, which may be a new record, and 22 in photofull! and those numbers were minus a few regulars who were out of town or out of pocket!

i REALLY appreciate everyone who came and i hope everyone enjoyed the class time. it was great to see everyone and to all get together again.

Stamp Antonio has been VERY welcoming and accomodating; and i TRULY appreciate all Carol, Amy and their wonderful staff has done. Stamp Antonio has been busy ordering MORE papers and cardstock and have lots of new things in stock with still MORE on the way!

i also wanted to commend jen and carolyn {some of you may remember them from scrapbook cottage} for taking it upon themselved to rearrange the crop room between my AM and PM classes. it was a little crowded in the morning, thanks to the HUGE attendence, not that i am complaining! but i guess jen overheard a few customers’ comments about the small workspace so they decided to redo the room in order to give us more room in the evening class! what more could you ask for! actually, we didn’t even have to ASK! LOL!

due to input from these first classes, i’ve decided to pull 6-8 sets of supplies for both of these classes – the papers will be a general theme that is appropriate for the season. i’ll use the same papers to make the sample, so if you get busy and just don’t have time to pull your own supplies, or happen to like the sample, you’ll have a “plan B”! but keep in mind that i will ONLY be pulling SIX to EIGHT sets depending on the quantities of paper that are available. so they will be offered on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis! consider these “emergency” supplies!

Stamp Antonio also has a “prepay” policy for their classes, so it differs a little from 911’s policy which only had you prepay for classes over $15. you can pay with credit card over the phone, or go in and pay. i will be trying to make sure that the sign up sheets for the next month’s class are always ready the day of the current month’s classes so that you can sign up and prepay while you are there.

we have already set the date for next month’s classes; they will be held on may 12th, times are the same; 10:30 to 12:30 for money $aving $ketches and 6:00 to 8:00 for photofull.

i welcome any comments or critiques, it will take awhile to get things up and running!


One thought on “WOW!

  1. I had a great time at both of your classes. I do think we have found a new home. I am so impressed with how quickly the store has become a scrapbook & stamp store. I want to thank everyone for all the EXTRA hard work. Thank you.

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