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unpaid endorsement…

i recently had a very positive experience with IRIS; the company that makes numerous types of storage containers, including those for scrapbooking…

i had purchased an Iris Extra Large Photo Photo Keeper to pack and carry my unscrapped photos in to take to crops. and i was VERY happy with it. 16 individual photo cases fit into the container, and each photo case holds about 100 photos – so LOTS of storage. plus it was easy to label the cases and to reach in and grab a set of photos to match papers to. very compact, very convenient… until it BROKE!

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i was packing my supplies into my car after a crop and when i went to lift in the photo keeper, i was left holding just the handle as i watched the container fall and bounce on the ground! it broke almost in half!

i tossed it into the car to deal with later, not at all happy about it breaking since it was not an inexpensive item – although i’m not saying it was pricey.  when i got home, i got it out to take a closer look and noticed that one side of the handle looked like it was defective – either it came that way, or part of the handle had broken off.

figuring i had nothing to lose, i sent the company an e-mail about the situation. i was pleasantly surprised to receive a prompt reply from “bev” at iris. she asked if i could send photos of the damage so she could take a look. so i snapped the pics you see above and sent them off. and again received a prompt reply back requesting my address so a replacement could be sent. “bev” said that it did look like the handle was defective. she also stated that iris does indeed stand behind their products and also guarantees them to be free of defects.

i let her know how much i appreciated a company that not only guaranteed their products, but did so quickly and easily. no hoops to jump through, postage to pay, product to return – in short all the “hassles” companies impose so that most of us just never bother to do all the work involved to get a replacement or refund.

and today, less than 10 days since my first e-mail to iris, a replacement container was delivered to my door.

so i just wanted to share this experince with you and pass along the info for any of you who own iris storage containers or were contemplating purchasing some.

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