july photoFULL and money $aving $ketches classes…

i’ve finished the samples for july’s photoFULL and money $aving $ketches class…

i hope you have LOTS of photos ready to scrap! this month’s M$$ class may become one of my favorites; it’s quick and easy to cut,  uses almost EVERY bit of the paper AND has room for lots of photos. and this month’s photoFULL features a new design using some of the easy to attach flips that we’ve done in the past. {NO cutting required for the page protectors} is really photoFULL on STEROIDS! LOL! i actually did NOT have enough photos to put on this layout. it holds 25+ and i MEAN that! bring you BIG sets of photos and come ready to SCRAP!

starting in july, i’ll be teaching these classes at TWO locations. the classes will be the same – so don’t think you need to come to both!

i’ll be at Stamp Antonio on thursday, july 7th. money $aving $ketches will be from 10-12 and photoFULL will be from 6-8. then on tuesday, july 26, i’ll be at Scrapbook N’ More in new braunfels. both classes at Scrapbook N’ More will be taught in the daytime – PhotoFULL from 10-12 and M$$ from 1-3.

remember you get to select YOUR own paper for these classes, so only the PLACEMENT of pieces will be the same, but heres’s snippets of the layouts for both classes…

money $aving $ketches…


you can call the stores to sign up or for more info:

STAMP ANTONIO: 210-764-7900

SCRAPBOOK n’ MORE:  (830) 214-1690

2 thoughts on “july photoFULL and money $aving $ketches classes…

  1. Tami,
    Do we need to bring our own supplies if we plan on coming to the NB store? I’m so excited to start coming again!!!!
    ~Deborah Perez

  2. Tami,

    The NB store says the opposite time you,have here. Pleaae let me kniw which time it is. 3 of us can come according to the time u have on here. Thanks!

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