birthday blog contest!

drumroll please….

i am ready to announce the winner of my “happy birthday” blog contest! 14 of you posted comments, so i put 14 numbers in a hat and pulled out LUCKY 13! i LOVE the number 13, i think it jumped in my hand! but post #13 was from an anonymous poster, but FORTUNATELY — also lucky the #14 poster included that they had accidentally posted first as anonymous — soo00—–

CONGRATULATIONS JERI! you are the winner of the contest! i’ve rounded up some nice goodies for you!

thanks for playing everyone, and thanks also for following me and my blog!

One thought on “birthday blog contest!

  1. Tami I am sure glad I checked that my comment went on he blog and discovered yep comments there but no name so I entered another comment on blo with my name. I am hopelessly non technical. Thank you so much. I will share goodies.

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