sunday’s altered book class..

we had a great time at the “sweet dreams of christmas” altered book class at Stamp Antonio this past sunday.

i have to say this was the BEST altered book class EVER! there were a lot of ladies who had attended one of these classes before, but quite a few “newbies”. but you would have never known that the “newbies” were new! they were awesome! they all kept up with the class and did EXCELLENT work! and the “repeaters” just keep getting better and better. maybe it’s time for me to come up with some more COMPLICATED tricks! LOL!

here’s some photos i took during the class…

{my gallery has a auto format, so no hard feelings please if you are in a small photo!}

thanks to all who came, and MANY thanks for all the interest in these altered book classes.

amy and carol at Stamp Antonio are terrific and work hard to help make these classes a success. many thanks to them and the Stamp Antonio staff!

as for the next class in the series, we’ll have to wait and see… i’ve been collecting things for a Valentine’s book here and there, but i’ll have to wait for the CHA releases to see if any inspire a new book!

One thought on “sunday’s altered book class..

  1. Thanks Tami, it was a great class. I so appreciate all of your creativity and your organization !

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