upgrading is FUN!

i’ll be repeating this to myself … “upgrading is FUN!”… while I try to figure out how exactly to use the new toys I bought today! LOL!

i am a very low-tech gal; while i like what technology can do for me, i don’t like having to figure out how to use new things. but every now and then, it is time to move up on the tech scale. so i’ll be spending the next few weeks watching videos and reading manuals to figure out how to use…

purchase #1…

a new laptop, an ideapad yoga 13 ultrabook. i don’t get “geeked” about too many things, but the fact that i can fold the screen in multiple positions and that it has a touchscreen, had me excited over how much easier photo editing would be. and it is! it’s so nice to move the keyboard out of the way, and work on just the screen. and the touchscreen makes cropping so quick and easy. and i can scroll though my photos quickly too. i am hoping THAT excitement will carry me through the drudgery of figuring out how to use everything AND get used to the new windows 8 operating system.

and, since i am a glutton for punishment, i made purchase #2…

a new camera, a canon rebel t4i,  so i will ALSO be trying to figure out how to use it! i decided it was time to put on a BIG GIRL camera bag and step up from my point and shoot.

and since i depend on BOTH items #1 and #2 on an almost daily basis to conduct my biz-ness, i better learn FAST!

so here’s hoping that this low-tech gal can add some hi-tech info to her overloaded brain QUICK!


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