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well, Graphic 45 has outdone itself on it’s last 2 releases… i want to create altered book classes with ALL OF THEM!

i have already planned another halloween altered book using STEAMPUNK SPELLS, as it has been awhile since i offered a halloween themed book. and i had NO intention on even thinking about another christmas altered book, that is until i saw 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS.

now, i’m head over heels in love with TYPOGRAPHY! i  think it would make a great altered book that would lend itself to quite a few different themes and photos.

AND MOTHER GOOSE is adorable, and i’ve never done a baby or toddler book.

{click on any of the lines listed above and the link will take you to that line over on the G45 website so you can look it over}

i can also see using the 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS and MOTHER GOOSE for altered projects too – not necessarily altered books. and TYPOGRAPHY might work well in the new “deconstructed” style of altered book i’ve created like the French Country Recipe Binder.

in a “perfect” world, either i could afford to offer classes for free, or all of you would have unlimited resources and could take OODLES of classes! but alas… unfortunately, neither is true.

SO… i am requesting your input. IF you are interested in taking classes using ANY of these new G45 lines, please fill out the contact form below. please let me know:

1) which lines you are interested in seeing a class on

2) what type of class are you interested in for that line – book or altered project

and of course, you are NOT in any way committing yourself to attend any class, but if you aren’t REALLY interested in taking a class using one of these lines, please don’t play along. the stores i teach at have to order product for classes based on the interest level, so it helps to have YOUR input!

i love to create new and interesting projects for classes, but i couldn’t do that without those of you who attend my classes! BIG thanks to you all for allowing me to do what i love to do!





4 thoughts on “altered book classes

  1. I just submitted a response, but my computer did something squirrely. Will you let me know if you don’t get it?


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