painting with friends… (and wine)

just got home with an evening out with friends: kathy, terrie, laura, tinka, lori, charlotte and shannon.

it was girls nite out at artisan’s alley. dinner at Bahia Azul was DElicious!!! shrimp empanadas and shrimp tacos – YUM!

then off to Painting with a Twist…

terrie and kathy were the hostesses for this outing, so they had picked a painting for us to work on. and while we painted there was wine and snacks.

i enjoyed the painting class, although painting is not something i’ve done much of. but it was a chance to play with paint and get messy – – – while sipping moscato!

the instructor showed us what to do step, by step, but that didn’t mean i could duplicate his work step by step! lol!

but everyone enjoyed the experience, and being creative.

here’s my finished effort, mine differed a bit from the sample as the painting was supposed to be bluebonnets by sunset, I decided to do bluebonnets by sunrise…


and yes there is a difference between sunrise and sunset! lol!

a big thanks to kathy and terrie for planning this fab event!


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