luggage packed… ready for my trip!

what is this HUGE stack of assorted boxes and bags stacked behind my couch???!!!

altered book class (1024x683)

if you guessed the supplies for my altered book class – “away we go” – tomorrow you would have guessed RIGHT! {and i still have an ice chest of food to add}

it is AMAZING the amount of STUFF i have to haul to these altered book classes – i’m getting too old for this :)

usually, my hubbie gets me up, fixes my breakfast, makes a sonic run and brings me a ENORMOUS tea for the day, and he and the boys load me up. but SADLY, tomorrow, i am all on my own :(

i actually have to get myself up, fix my own breakfast and tea AND load all this stuff in the car! someone better call and make sure i’m up tomorrow – LOL!

i’ve been over all the details – three times – double checked all the supplies, triple counted all the kits, and bought all the food. all that’s left is to make the salad and sammies and get to bed EARLY for once.

thanks again to ALL OF YOU who signed up SO quickly! i can’t tell you how much i appreciate it, as it allows me to start my prep earlier and finish earlier.

see ya tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “luggage packed… ready for my trip!

  1. Hi Tami, I had a great time in your class yesterday. I am such a fan of yours!! Thank you for all the extra things you do for us to make the project easier. I have loved both books that I have made with you. Thank you for the yummy lunch, too. I would love the link to the bigger pictures, please. Thanks, Kathy Miller

  2. Hi Tami, had SO much fun doing the book. Please send me bigger pictures. Thanks,KathyMiller

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