it’s been awhile…


i’ve been away for a lot longer than i had initially intended to be. problems with my vision kept me away for quite awhile, then other situations and circumstances delayed my return to my blog and work.

the good news? my vision is GREAT! better than it ever has been!

and i have been working, but have been spinning my wheels on choosing a direction for this blog and for my return to teaching.

i miss teaching, and i miss my students! although i’m not sure how many of you are still out there. i have a few ideas, but nothing concrete to share as of yet.

in the meantime, i would like to show you what i have been up to in the last year or so. i’d like to share some of the projects i’ve done while i get this blog updated and plans for teaching figured out.

i was very excited to be asked to design projects for GRAFIX to use on their new Computer Grafix packaging…

See the source image

all but the 3rd project in the grouping are mine. and you can find the photos and directions to make two of the projects  here:

Lavender Bath Salts Label

Popsicle Garland

i’d also like to share another recent project i designed for Grafix, this Retro Santa Clothespin Wreath…

44- finished wreath - wm

i’ve put together a Snapguide for it as well: Retro Santa

please keep an eye out for more projects and for a new, fresh look for my blog.




6 thoughts on “it’s been awhile…

  1. So happy to hear from you and so glad to know that your vision is so much better. Looking forward to some classes especially the full photo and the money saving sketches. Have a Merry Christmas. Grace

  2. OMGosh… we’ve missed u. I sent emails without reply & was worried. Can’t wait to see u. Hugs & love Kathy

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Tami! I am so glad you are back and doing well! I’ve missed you and your classes. I look forward to seeing what you will be teaching, sharing and more!
    Terri in CC

  4. Omg best news ever can’t wait to see what we will be making! I’ve missed taking your classes!

  5. I miss you! So happy your eyes are doing well. Have you considered doing any classes showing how to use Cricut Design Space? I play with it and can do basic things but would love to go deeper. I’m going to try some of the Graffix items. Love you, Judi

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