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spare parts store

i’m not sure i really WANT to share this info, cause you might beat me to something good!

for those of you who enjoy crafting – that should be ALL of you – check out this store i just found out about…

its right by my house, have been passing it for months, took a friend telling me about it to get me to stop in.

they have THOUSANDS of parts & pieces to use on mixed media or altered art projects or just general crafting.

yarn, fabric, scrapbooking supplies, office supplies, teaching supplies, jewelry supplies, vintage patterns, crafting books, needlepoint, macrame, kids crafts & more!

i put together a few shots around the store…

13491 wetmore rd. san antonio, tx

2 thoughts on “spare parts store

  1. 13491 wetmore rd. san antonio, tx – just added it to post, thx for question!

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