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you won’t believe what REMINISCE has done now!!!

Reminisce is such an AMAZING company, i am SO lucky i get to design for them and play with all their terrific new stuff!

they have just introduced – GET READY – HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS — 42 new lines! yep, you read that right – FORTY-TWO! can you believe it! What company has ever launched that many lines ALL AT ONCE? and they are in themes that scrapbookers are looking for! do you need some armed forces paper – they have ALL of them, how about travel paper for vegas, canada, england, australia, florida – check, how about sports – do you need football, basketball, baseball – of course – but how about the harder to find… wrestling, track, gymnastics, bowling, marching band – GOT EM! and let’s see… how about tail gating – ever seen tail gating paper before? All those and LOTS – LOTS more!

and the REALLY terrific thing is that there are 2 double sided papers PLUS 2 embellishments for each line. So, you get 4 designs of paper and 2 sets of embellies in each of the themes! plus a lot of the papers have stripes on the back and they mix and match with other lines! Gotta love that!

The new lines are called the SIGNATURE SERIES and you can click on that to see them!

All the designers are working on projects using the new lines, so they should be in the gallery soon!


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