on-line idea books?

northridge media’s offer of scrapbook trends, handmade, cards, bead trends and idea books in an online format has created quite a stir. i started a thread about it on 2peas, just to see what reactions were to the move, and was surprised by the number of comments on the post. most were opposed to the idea of subscribing to an “online magazine”; they wanted to have a magazine in hand to read, enjoy and scraplift from. a few liked the “green” aspect of an online magazine – being able to just print off what you like and not have a magazine taking up space on your shelf. there were also a lot of people opposed to the idea of paying for online content, there is SO much out there for free, why would you want to pay for it? i myself am sorta on the fence about it. on the one hand, i can have access to all the magazines for less than half of just what ONE issue would cost me each month. i could flip through them all and print out the ideas i liked. but i DO like to flip through magazines during down time, and when i’m feeling uninspired, i like to pick a magazine up and try to find some ideas to get my creativity jumpstarted. and i also have a fear that i’ll just pile up the ideas i print out and not take the time to organize them or file them away. i am picturing a HUGE landslide of printouts on my desk! and how much will it cost me to print out each sheet? would i be better off just picking up the magazine i want once in awhile?

mostly, this has gotten me to thinking about which way i want to go with some long-term goals i have…i teach 2 classes that  seem to garner a lot of interest and generate a lot of questions – my photo-full class and my sketch class. both offer things that i don’t find in mainstream scrapbook magazines or publications. off an on i’ve been working on creating  idea books based on both of these classes. i’ve looked into several avenues of publication including self publishing. but now, there’s an option that i hadn’t really considered before, publishing as an online book. it’s fairly quick and easy to do, anyone with access computer would be able to purchase it – and they’d be able to buy it at a much lower cost than a physical book, the investment is minimal, and i’d be able to get my ideas out there pretty quick! no overhead, no shipping, no inventory, not even a whole lot of marketing! but would anyone want it in an online format? so — that’s where i am at! sitting and wondering which way to go, and thinking i just need to dive in SOMEWHERE! LOL! the “real beach” or the “virtual beach”! LOL!

so, i think i’m going to add a poll here, and see what you think! i’d also LOVE any comments, i know over 99% of the people who visit my blog, don’t leave a comment (i can tell that since i’ve had about 25,000 visits to my blog and only 100 comments posted!) so if you are in that 99%, please don’t be afraid to leave a note! i’d like to know what you think about online books and magazines!

2 thoughts on “on-line idea books?

  1. Tami – am surprised that so far 57% don’t want on-line. I love online for the reasons you had already outlined – I have stacks of books, magazines and virtual means means I can cut down. Also you can organize and label and find an idea y ou want to re-look at very quickly via computer. You have a dilemma since only 27% would want to buy an on-line – so do you want to serve only 27% of your students? If you had a poll asking whether or not I want to buy a reading book (i.e. Kindle) I would instantly vote I want the book itself, not on a computer but I realize that is old-fashioned and not embracing new technology. Guess people aren’t ready.

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