happy anniversary to my parents!!!

today, my parents are celebrating their 48th wedding anniversary!!!

i think that is a PRETTY SPECIAL accomplishment!

i could not ask for a better set of parents, ones whose lives have been a WONDERFUL example for me and my brother to try to live up to.

my parents would give you the shirt off their back – even if it was the only one they had! they have helped us out during some rough times, and have always been there for us whenever we needed them.

my boys are spoiled rotten at ‘onie and opa’s house, and that’s how it should be. they get to spend almost every friday nite and saturday over there, while mom and dad get “date night”!

drew and chris are fortunate too that they are have such wonderful grandparents who dote on them and love them unconditionally – i think that is part of the reason they are so secure, they are surrounded by love.

we don’t thank them often enough, or let them know how much we TRULY appreciate them enough, or tell them how wonderful we think they are!

so today i wanted to let THEM know that they are VERY loved!

Happy Anniversay Mom & Dad! enjoy your day!

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