mom and me december class — UPDATE!

i have good news for those of you who wanted to take my december MOM & ME CLASS but found it already FULL… i have added a second class!

the class will be held on the same day – saturday, december 12th, and will run from 11:00 to 1:00. i have already called everyone who was on the wait list and have either added them or reserved space for them in the new class.

the kids will have their choice of a christmas tree or a snowman for the cover instead of the santa shown. everything else will be exactly the same.

space is very limited in this second class, so if you want to sign up, please call the store ASAP! and if you were on the wait list and received a call concerning this class, there is a space being held for you, so please call as soon as possible to confirm that you still want it!

AND since the january class was ALREADY full, and a sample isn’t even up yet, i’ve gone ahead and added a morning session for that class as well. and from now on, unless interest begins to lag, i will schedule both a morning and afternoon session for each MOM & ME class!

thank you ALL for your interest in this class! it is getting bigger and better! 

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