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sprays, spritzes and mists OH MY!

are you overwhelmed by the number of sprays, spritzes and mists that are out there for you to use on your paper projects?

do you wonder which product would be best to use on YOUR project?

do you just want to know what’s the difference between them?

well… i’m hoping i can help you out a bit with my side-by-side comparisons of 3 of the most popular products out there: SMOOCH SPRITZ, MAYA MIST and GLIMMER MIST.

Smooch Spritz, made by CLEARSNAP is the newest “spray” -type product to be introduced… the colors are very vibrant and deep, and you get a lot of coverage and color with each spritz. each one also has plenty of bling and shimmer too and they come in small glass bottles that make it easy to tuck them in with your “transportable” supplies for crops and such.

Maya Mist , made by MAYA ROAD, is another spray that gives a nice application of color. is is really good on chipboard. the sprays come mostly in a matte finish, but there are a few metallics, as well as sprays in metallics and irridescent colors that you can layer over the matte colors. they come in plastic bottles about the size of an acrylic paint bottle.

Glimmer Mist, made by TATTERED ANGELS,  provides your project with a fine layer of shimmer and a kiss of color. these mists are the sheerest of all 3 sprays. these sprays are good for your vintage-inspired projects when you want a “shabby chic” look.

for my comparisons, i selected an assortment of paper products to test: a manilla tag, white cardstock, text weight printed paper, chipboard and a white paper flower. i sprayed three sets of these supplies using Smooch Spritz in Emerald Sprinkle, Maya Mist in pink and Glimmer Mist in Walnut Gold.  

i wanted to see how well the mists performed in these areas: coverage, color and ease of use. i also wanted to see if i had trouble with the sprayers or warping of the materials.

here’s photos of the tests:

i found that the Smooch Spritzes and Maya Mists gave the most even coverage, with the Smooch Spritz having the advantage of a more vivid color. the Glimmer Mists can “spit” a bit, but i think that adds to the “shabby” appeal. all 3 were pretty easy to use, and i didn’t have any trouble with clogging.

the cardstock and printed papers sprayed with Smooch Spritz stayed the flattest, both when they were wet and dry. the papers sprayed with Maya Mist curled a bit, but didn’t really warp, the papers sprayed with Glimmer Mist warped.  

each of these products has +’s and -‘s… it all depends on what your project is and what effect you want.  if you want color, coverage and shimmer in a portable package – then try Smooch Spritz, if you want a matte finish, try Maya Road, and if you want a ditressed “kissed by angels” look, then try glimmer mist.

i hope this little demo has helped answer SOME of your questions!

if you have more, drop me a line and i’ll try my best to find you an answer!

6 thoughts on “sprays, spritzes and mists OH MY!

  1. Thanks for the review. I have some Glimmer Mist and I am not all that thrilled with it. I don’t care for the splotches, I wanted more of a fine mist. It looks like the Smooch Spritz may be my best choice, I love the shimmery look. Now to find somewhere locally that carries it.

  2. Tami,

    THANK YOU! I didn’t know about the Smooch mists, but about the other two. I only have glimmer mist and it’s ok, but your demo just told me I need to expand my selections!!!!

    Thanks again!

    cardipaws from 2peas!~

  3. Thanks for the review, I have been wanting to try one of these spray products and was unsure if they would be suitable for my style, I am so glad that I found this as I know that I would have bought the Glimmer Mist and I would never have used it, now to find me some of those Smooch Spritz

  4. Thanks so much for the review!! I’ve been wondering what the differences were between these products. have you also heard about or tried Shimmerz Paints? They too have a spray product and I was wondering how it matches up to the three you reviewed.


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