upcoming classes at stamp antonio…

as most of you probably know, stamp antonio will be MOVING at the end of june, you can get all the info on their website if you hadn’t heard: STAMP ANTONIO NEWSLETTER.

i am going to be scheduling 2 jewelry classes towards the end of july or maybe in early august at stamp antonio, so they will be in their NEW location by then! i’m excited to see what the new store will be like; especially since amy and carol want to put their own “STAMP” on it! i’m sure it will be unique, artistic and inspiring!

here’s a sneak peek at the sample projects: the first class is “dangle gal”…

and the other class is “charmed – i’m sure”…

if you are interested in either of these classes, please check back to for dates and times.

i’d like to do more “guest teaching” starting in the fall, so if you would like me to come to your store, or would like to suggest a retreat in need of instructors, i’d love to hear about it {as long as it’s in texas – i’m not ready to go TOO far! LOL!}


One thought on “upcoming classes at stamp antonio…

  1. Hello,

    I am interested in how this jewelry is made, however, I live in New Jersey! It would be great if you could let me know what the acrylic material you use is and how it is cut and decorated!!


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