“where’s the PARTY?” contest…

my hubbie and i have been watching madmen the series on netflix, the show is good but the real attraction is the eye candy – AKA john hamm for me, and a bevvie of gals for my dh! LOL! we both like “decade” shows too, those that really capture the essence of an era, and madmen does an excellent job of that. 

anyway, that got me thinking about some news i received lately. CLEARSNAP sent me a list of recently released magazines that include ads featuring projects of mine.

here’s the list:

RubberStampMadness * Holiday 2009/2010

Crafts n’ Things * Feb 2010

Scrap & Stamp Arts * Apr 2010

Creating Keepsakes Special Issue * Paper: Tips and Techniques

Crafts n’ Things * Jul/Aug 2010

Creating Keepsakes * Jul/Aug 2010

Canadian Scrapbooker * Summer Issue 2010

so if you have an issue on this list and find the Clearsnap ad; squint or get a magnifying glass and you can see my name in TEENY-TINY print! LOL! BUT – that’s not the point of this post, there is ONE recent issue that i haven’t included in the list, and that is where the contest comes in. 

take a peek at THIS ad…

this ad can be found in a recently released paper-scrapbook-card making related magazine, and what i want to know is “where’s the PARTY?” you know where NOT to look since the issue the ad is in is NOT included in the list above – which is WHY i gave you the list – my free hints for you!

so, if you want to play along, all you need to do is to discover which magazine this ad IS in, and e-mail me with the name and issue date. DON’T leave the info in a comment – everyone can see the comments and you’d give the answer away! instead, just click on the CONTACT ME tab at the top of my blog and e-mail me with the info.

the contest will run 2 weeks;  now until monday, june 21. then i’ll take all the winning entries – those with the correct magazine name and issue date, and toss them in a hat and pick a winner. the winner will receive a small prize pack of goodies that i’m putting together.

i am bad about stacking up my magazines to read later – and later is always MUCH later than i think it will be! so maybe, this contest will prompt you to dig them out and actually give them a read {including the ads!}


One thought on ““where’s the PARTY?” contest…

  1. Hi Tammy, popped over from SCS. Loved the page on your CS blog but didn’t see a place to comment so I skooted over here.
    LOVE the blue “my family” will have to search for Blackbird Chalk ink. Hard to find a grey blue like that. Chalk inks are definitely one of my favorites.
    Have a great day!

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