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if a tree falls in the sanders’ backyard, don’t you think they’d hear it?

well apparently NOT!

 THIS must have happened last night…

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this GINORMOUS tree fell over and uprooted {pun intended} the steps of our deck! and NO ONE noticed anything until my husband looked out our bedroom window this evening! every member of the family had been by that same window, but apparently NOBODY looked out! LOL! and we must have all slept very well through the storm, either that or the tree tippy-toed down, ’cause we didn’t hear a THING!

UNBELIEVABLE! and, we also noticed that there were some shingles scattered about, so i guess the storm took some of our roof with it as well!

i have always considered myself a light sleeper, but i guess i’ll have to rethink that! i was up until about 2:30, so it must have happened between then and when i got up at 6:30. the storm had let up by this morning.

so, i guess there will be even MORE construction going on at our house. i think we should have just moved! LOL!

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