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it’s a new year!

WOW! 2011, it is going to take me a LONG time to get used to writing that! Somehow it seems so much MORE futuristic than 2010, like i’ve gone 100 years ahead instead of only 1. not quite sure why it feels that way, but it does…

i hope everyone had a happy new year as they welcomed 2011 in!

i have been taking stock of several areas of my life and trying to shake off the dust, try some new things and get busy on projects – personal and professionally that have been on the “back burner” so long it’s wonder there is anything left in the pot! LOL!

i am still EXPECTANTLY waiting for my studio to be finished – that is a BIGGIE! there is NO telling what i’ll find when i go through my supplies to get them all organized and in their new homes! right now, installation has been suspended due to an unexpected problem we discovered with the plans for a corner desk. the designer hadn’t taken into consideration exactly HOW i was supposed to be able to access the upper cabinets when there was a triangular shaped desk sticking out a few feet from the wall! i am NOT six feet tall! LOL! so we had to rework the plans, make some changes and order more parts. it looks like i won’t be moving in anytime soon :(

one of the areas i’ve revamped are my classes at SCRAPBOOK 911. i’d received numerous requests for classes that i usually teach at night to be offered during the day and vice versa. i’ve reworked the schedule of my classes in order to make those requests happen. i’ve kept the days the same for my “regulars”, first and third mondays, but some of the times have changed and some of the classes had to be flip flopped, so be SURE you check out the changes! the “new” classes are money $aving $ketches RERUN and photoFULL RERUN. both of these classes will be the EXACT same class that was taught earlier in the month, just at a different time. so january money $aving $ketches RERUN on 1/24 will be a REPEAT of the class taught on 1/10. so plan to come to one or the other – but not BOTH!

you may notice that the dates for january and february are NOT the first and third mondays though, but that happens every year due to holidays landing near or on the first and third mondays of the month. on the months were that occurs, i move the dates to avoid the holidays.

i’ve put these classes on the january and february calendars on a TRIAL basis. i’m more than willing to teach these classes twice, as long as i’ve got enough people that want to take them. my fear is that intead of having 2 full classes, i’ll end up with 2 half full classes. so if you’ve been asking for these classes, or know someone who might like to take them, please come and please help spread the word.

mom & me classes will continue to offered on a monthly basis, but i have shortened the time of the class from 2 hours to 1 1/2 hours. the kids are getting MUCH faster now that some of them having been coming a year or so, and they are finishing their projects in record time. i keep trying to add new techniques or make the projects harder, but i don’t want them to be TOO challenging for those who are new to the class. i’ve also noticed that the kids start to get a little restless after about an hour, so maybe shortening the class will make it more enjoyable for them {and you parents!} i am also going to try to create small “bonus” projects for some of the classes that might be a little easier; so the kiddos will have something to do to fill the time if they finish early.

i’ve also been wanting to do more “guest teaching”, so i’ll be adding some retreat classes to my schedule, hopefully on a regular basis. i also plan on continuing to teach a few classes at Stamp Antonio once a quarter or so.

i also enjoyed teaching at CKC last year, and would like to do it again this coming year. that is still in the works though.

i am still blogging for Clearsnap too, and if you haven’t checked out the blog lately, please hop on over and take a look around. the blog has been revamped and the 2 separate blogs have been combined into one BIG one. there are also some guest designers and more events taking place. which all adds up to LOTS MORE PROJECTS and LOTS MORE INSPIRATION! Clearsnap also now has a Facebook page, so be sure to join up so you’ll be among the first to hear about events and contests!

a GREAT BIG thank you to all those who attended my classes this past year. i enjoy teaching, but in order to teach, you MUST have students! and i am fortunate to have some VERY loyal and VERY supportive students!

p.s.: and for those of you keeping track, i’ve just started YEAR THREE of the blog!

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