jingle bells…jingle bells…

i think we are FINALLY finished decorating around our house!

we started early, but stopped and started several times! we set up the tree one day, then started decorating it the next day. then the kids and i started decorating outside, and then we went a few days without doing anything.

then a few days later, we added a few more ornaments to the tree, then nothing again! LOL!

and after 2 and a half weeks of this off and on nonsense — i decided it was time to GET IT DONE the other day! so i stayed up late and set up my decorations around the house, had the kids finish the tree, and then rounded everyone up to finish hanging the lights and decorations outside.

so here it is 4 days before Christmas and we JUST NOW finished decorating! LOL! it will be time to take them down before we know it!

i like vintage ornaments and decorations, so just about all of our Christmas decor is vintage. i like the old designs, the colors and just thinking about how many Christmases these pieces have seen!

here’s some photos of our decorations…

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just like grandma’s house! LOL! one of these Christmases, i’m going to have the aluminum tree like my gram did have. i want a BIG one with pom pom branches. i have a small 4 footer, but i want to find a BIG one to put up in the living room. i already have the color wheel.

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