studio… phase 2…

the installer came saturday and started setting the cabinets. he got a lot done and the HUGE pile of boxes was reduced quite a bit!

the more cabinets go up, the more i LOVE the color! i think once the white countertops go in i’ll REALLY love it!

it will be SO nice to reclaim my dining room, which is right now acting as the storeroom for all my cropping supplies – and let’s just say it’s OVERFLOWING – and that’s being kind! LOL!

here are some pics of the room. there are 2 VERY LARGE pantry units on the right wall as you look into the room, a desk area is going to the left of the windows on the back wall and cabinets will run underneath it. then there are upper and lower cabinets along the right wall and my desk area will be on the wall to the right of the door…

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