just to clarify…

i’ve had a few e-mails and questions, so just to clarify a few points…

1) i apologize again to anyone who went to SB911 monday night expecting my money $aving $ketches class and found instead an empty class room. i checked the sign up sheet on sunday afternoon and there was only ONE name on the list – and that student had actually already taken the class and just wanted a “refresher”. i wrote “cancel” on the sheet and asked the store employee to please call the student on the list and let them know that the class had been cancelled. as far as i knew, i had taken care of the class at that point. i don’t know how or where a mixup occured with the sign up sheet; but it seems that a LOT of people who signed up did NOT end up on the list. a few who had arrived early for the class, caught me as i was leaving and i explained the situation, but i missed any who may have came later. i would NOT have cancelled the class if there had been more than just the “repeat student” on the list. the lack of sign ups was the ONLY reason the class was cancelled, and i didn’t just leave the store without notification.  i had cancelled on sunday, and let the employees know both sunday and monday morning that there would be NO evening class. i know monday was a BIG, HUGE mass of CHAOS – so it is easy to see where things may have not been taken care of properly that day. if you thought you had signed up for the class, please e-mail me and i will send you the class sheet at no charge. i am sorry for any inconvenience, but had no way of knowing that there was or would be a problem.

2) yes, starting in APRIL, i WILL be teaching TWO classes at Stamp Antonio: Money $aving $ketches in the morning and PhotoFULL in the evening. this was a quick addition to their store calendar that was on “standby” until last week when 911 formally announced their closing. so not all of the employees at Stamp Antonio were aware of the classes or the details until mid week last week. it will take awhile for things to settle into a routine, so your PATIENCE is APPRECIATED! Stamp Antonio is working to add a little more product, space and classes for scrapbookers to their store, but that takes time, so please stay tuned for details and announcements. they appreciate any feedback or suggestions though, so don’t be afraid to speak up!

i’ve got some exciting things in the works so stay tuned!

thank you…

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