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a BIG thank you for everyone who participated in or came out to visit us at our NSD event! we all had a fun time cropping {and doing a little shopping} all day LONG! there were lots of positive comments about the class/crop format, so hopefully we can do it again soon.

i remembered to snap a few pics during the day, but didn’t remember to snap THROUGHOUT the day as i had planned. as a result, i missed getting photos of jeri, karen or jane, but i think i got everyone else who came! you might notice that the gals are all working on the same layout in some of the shots – those were taken during the “class” part of the day and they were busy putting together one of the six layouts that they got to make…

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the day went well and a good time was had by all! a GREAT BIG thank you to Jane with The Scrapbooking Factory for organizing this event!

 i hope you ALL had a fabulous NSD, and that you “moms” out there had a FANTASTIC mother’s day!

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