class notes…

i am finally posting the pics and supply lists for may’s MONEY $AVING $KETCHES and PHOTOFULL classes…

sorry for the delay but… i’ve been under the weather, had 2 BIG events to plan and teach at AND i’ve had to move my supplies out of my studio AGAIN – for the 3rd time – in an attempt to get my countertops FINISHED! so take your pick as to WHY i am just now getting around to posting these! but i DO apologize as i know it takes time to gather photos and papers for this class, so i don’t plan to make a habit of posting the pictures and supply lists late.

here are snippets from the MONEY $AVING $KETCHES class layouts – the photos on each look similar because i did one page for each of my kiddos – but the layouts themselves ARE different…

supplies needed for this class can be found HERE

and this month’s PHOTOFULL class is thanks to an idea from MARIKO who takes my class long distance. a BIG thank you to MARIKO for this terrific idea! what idea? you’ll have to come to class to find out! but it is one i hadn’t done before and after having taught some version of this class for 7-8 years, that is PRETTY hard to do!

supplies needed for this class can be found HERE

there is still time to sign up for one or both of these classes, just call STAMP ANTONIO at (210) 764-7900 for more info or to sign up.


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