all dressed up…

here’s a pic of my kiddos all dressed up for halloween!

drew decided he wanted to dress up too this year – but he wanted a “cosplay” costume. so he’s a “steampunk time traveler” / “dr. who-esque” character! GOT ALL THAT? his costume took FOREVER to make, had some trouble with WRONG directions on the pattern, but i think he looks nice in it.

chris’ costume is a little more straight forward, he’s a zombie pirate! this is the first year i’ve let either kid go as something SCARY! we even used FAKE BLOOD! i had talked chris into wearing drew’s “captain jack sparrow” costume i made a few years back and making it into a zombie pirate instead, and he liked that idea. {and i didn’t have to make TWO costumes!}

they both had a good time last night and were WIPED out this morning! i had trouble getting them up and off to school.

rob took chris around my mom’s neighborhood trick-or-treating… drew went for awhile, then came back to my mom’s house and helped us pass out candy. he was making some comments about some of the “hot girl” costumes – so i think he’s beginning to see halloween through “teen” eyes! LOL!

i’d love to see pics of YOUR little trick-or-treaters!

please leave a comment; i'd love to hear from you!

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