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shottle bop!

or bottle shop!

a few weeks ago i took a class from joni russel at stamp antonio

joni showed us how to add soldered trim onto bottles and turn them from plain to FABULOUS!

here is a slideshow of my finished bottles and all their details…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

this project was a great way for me to put some of my vintage junque to good use. i used broken jewelry and watch parts, old auto bulbs, rusty keys as well as lots of other little pieces and parts from my stash! my idea for embellishing the bottles was to create a “his” and “hers” set; so one is frilly and feminine, while the other is timely and handsome.

the great porcelain doorknobs, large watch face, ribbons, screen, doily and filler are from joni’s stash!

if you are looking for a unique way to show off treasures from your stash, embellishing bottles is a great way to do it.


One thought on “shottle bop!

  1. Very nice; love the vintage look, and the knob tops are a true WOW! Nice work Tami, but then, you are the Queen! :)

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