retreat anyone?

i’ve had some great feedback on the new class as well as the proposed retreat; thanks to everyone who took the time to reply!

i’ve also had a chance to gather some more info about retreat spaces and pricing. i’ve found 2 retreat locations that are not too-too far away {click on the links for more photos and info}…

Texas Scrapbook Cabin in Sequin…

and Lone Star Retreat Center in Georgetown…

pricing would be about the same for either location, but meals would be provided for us at the Lone Star Retreat Center, while i’d have to cook for you at the Texas Scrapbook Cabin.

here’s what i’m thinking, and this is just a VERY rough idea… i would like for there to be cropping friday night, then 2 classes on saturday; morning and early afternoon, then cropping saturday night and more cropping until you leave on sunday. there are early arrivals and late departure options to explore, but both places offer roughly the same time frame – friday evening until sunday early afternoon.

the retreat would be all inclusive: 2 nights stay, meals, 2 classes and cropping, plus some bonus goodies. the cost would be around $275-$325, and that is just a rough estimate as well. i think i can get the best price if i have a group of 10 -12.

now that i’ve got the deets about the locations… i’d like to post some polls to get info from YOU!


if you have friends you think might be interested in attending a retreat, please forward them THIS LINK to this post so they can vote as well.



2 thoughts on “retreat anyone?

  1. Have you considered a retreat like the ones we used to have at 911…maybe at Scrapbooksd ‘more? I like the idea of having some stuff available for purchase and sleeping in my own bed.

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