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junque… junque and MORE junque!

i’ve been playing with some junque jewelry that i bought a few days ago – a HUGE stash of vintage rhinestone jewelry…

jewelry stash - 1 (1024x683)

i LOVE pawing through junque jewelry, you’ll never know what treasures you might find! and i found PLENTY of great bits and pieces! here are some of the jewelry pieces i made this weekend…

junque charm bracelet (1024x894)

junque charm bracelet - 2 (1024x683) junque charm bracelet - cu (1024x683)

i used a vintage sterling silver charm bracelet as a base, then made “charms” using broken bits off of earrings, pins and more.

bracelet (563x1024) (563x1024)

bracelet cu (1024x683) (1024x683)

this piece started with a bracelet that my mom bought me in canton. i decided to bling it up by adding some charms to it. this bracelet is SO me — i hate to wear a watch and this one has FIVE of them — but NONE keep time! LOL!

junque necklace 2 (683x1024)

junque necklace 2 - cu (693x1024)

for this necklace, i used a rhinestone button as the centerpiece, then hung a broken link from a bracelet from it. the chain features some crystal beads from a necklace and two links from an old bracelet with pearls wired in. links taken from several necklaces create the chain.

junque necklace 1  (683x1024)

junque necklace 1 - cu (670x1024)

this one started with an old skirt pin; i strung together different bits and pieces along with a few onsie earrings.

i figured i better stop playing before i used up all the junque i bought! i had thought to incorporate them into some class projects!

i’ve also been on a buying spree to find some great bits and pieces for the Secret Garden altered book! here’s a few of my purchases, i don’t know yet if they will all end up in the book or not…

fountain 1

seed packs

i’m not done shopping or planning yet! i can’t wait to get my hands on the G45 Secret Garden papers so i can start working on the book!



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