class update

i was hoping for something MUCH more monumental for my 500th post… but {sigh} such is life…

i am a little indisposed at the moment due to a staph infection, so tomorrow night’s photofull and money $aving class is cancelled.

the morning classes will be held as scheduled though and will be taught by carolyn; who was nice enough to volunteer to step in for me.

i’ve often said that i think all of my “regulars” could just teach themselves and that i didn’t need to be there to run the classes anymore – so we’ll see how that works tomorrow! LOL!

but you really won’t be on your own, as carolyn will be there to help you out. i’m headed over to stamp antonio now go over both classes with her.

if you have any questions about the classes, please contact me.



One thought on “class update

  1. I hope you feel better real soon! We’ll miss you tomorrow. :)


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