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a BIG thanks to carolyn for teaching PhotoFULL and money $aving $ketches for me this morning!

and a BIG thanks to all of you who took the classes and made it easy for carolyn!

carolyn called this afternoon and passed on your positive comments about the layouts, as well as letting me know all went well.

i had a follow up appointment with the doctor today, and all seems to be going well. so hopefully, my recovery will continue in that direction and I’ll be much more mobile soon.

i talked with susan at Scrapbook n’ More this evening and was happy to hear that the class was full and we were able to accommodate the wait list. i do plan on having the class, although I may not be able to walk around as much as I usually do! fortunately, I prepped for this class early, and had everything ready to go before I was laid up.


One thought on “class info

  1. Glad that you’re feeling better…hope to see you soon.  Sorry that I missed the class yesterday…Karen 

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