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washi tape organization

do you washi? i do…

i love all the fun, bright colors and designs that washi tape comes in and i keep buying them, and buying them, and BUYING them!

BUT — i keep forgetting to USE them; out of sight, out of mind. so i needed a way to both store and display my collection of washi tape.

i saw some vintage oil cans at a flea market and thought the long spouts would be useful in storing the tape, but i had WAY too much to put on just one can! lol!

i did want to be able to take a roll or few off easily to take with me for crops and such. so i poked through my crafty stash and came up with a dowel, it was long enough to hold all the rolls, but then what! so i poked some more and came up with some vintage clothes pins and some jute. with a little experimentation, i came up with this…

washi 1 wm

this quick to assemble hanger holds ALL my tape, displays it so i see it to use it and allows me to easily remove rolls should i need to.

i tied the jute to the clothespins, so i can unclip the pins at either end to add or remove rolls…

washi tape 2 wm

the clothepins and jute make the washi tape holder easy to hang up on the wall or a hook.

now all i need to do is find a place in my studio to hang it!

hope this gives you some ideas as to how to store YOUR tape!

One thought on “washi tape organization

  1. I had the SAME problem. Too much buying not enough…er…taping. I put mine in a big glass jar that sits on my work desk. It’s clear so I can see through it and I LOVE digging through it. I’m already using more tape plus it makes me happy to see all that washi goodness looking at me.

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