save the date!!!

save the date!!!

i have booked a date for the Steampunk Halloween altered book class…

it will very appropriately be held on october 13th!!!

i have finished the sample; i just need to take pics of it.

this book, by FAR, has the MOST junque EVER!!!

gears, watch parts, vintage ephemera, parts, pieces and miscellany!

can’t wait to show it to you!

i also have several other classes and dates to share so PLEASE stay tuned!

please subscribe to my blog if you don’t already so you won’t miss anything!

thanks for your interest!

2 thoughts on “save the date!!!

  1. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the e-mail this morning. I put it on my calendar so I don’t accidentally schedule anything else that day. I can’t WAIT!!!

  2. O-M-G!!!! This should be a no-brainer!… you should just automatically sign Ann and I up cuz you know WE ARE THERE!!!!!! October 13 won’t come soon enough!!!!

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