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stamp antonio closing… sad news…

i just received the following e-mail from amy and carol, owners of stamp antonio…

Adios Amigos

Our retail adventure has been a thrilling roller coaster ride — awesome customers, new friends, a terrific staff, wonderul instructors, amazing art experiences and plenty of long hours with a hearty dose of blood, sweat and tears.

Now we’re ready to move into a new phase of our lives — one with more time for family, travel and personal artistic adventures, so we are closing Stamp Antonio Arts effective March 1, 2014.

This is an incredibly bittersweet decision for us, but we believe that when one door closes another one opens and we’re excited to move to a slower-paced, less stressful, family focused lifestyle.

Please do not forget that we care so much for all of you. You have added to our lives and we will continue to hold you close in our hearts. We also hope that you will continue to foster a creative atmosphere for yourselves and each other.

We’ll miss you,
Carol and Amy

Here’s what you’ll want to know

Effective Tuesday, January 28:

All in-store merchandise will be 40% off.

All current merchandise orders will be cancelled and no new special orders will be taken or placed.

All classes are cancelled except the weekly and monthly classes for January and February: Tempting Project Tuesday, Tantalizing Techniques, All About Series, Bookbinding, Money$aving$ketches/PhotoFULL and Pergamano.

25% discount coupons will no longer be honored.

New stamp bucks will not be issued, but previously issued stamp bucks can still be used with purchases.

i can’t begin to tell you how saddened i am; carol, amy and the staff at stamp antonio have become friends over the years, and i’ve greatly enjoyed being able to teach classes for them.

this marks the closing of the last independent brick and mortar stamp/scrapbook store here in san antonio. it is hard for small stores to compete with the lure of big box stores and their 40% off coupons. but you will never get the personal touch at mike’s, hl or j’s. you’ll be lucky if they can even direct you to the papercraft product you are looking for. and they probably won’t be able to tell you about the product, and they certainly won’t help you with design advice. these are all things that you can only get at small, independent stores. you can’t touch or feel papers and tools that you buy online before you purchase them, you can’t hold up papers or embellishments from different lines to see what matches and what doesn’t. and if you like taking classes in person with hands of instructors, they will be harder to find as well.

even the “bigger” independent guys are failing; archiver’s are closing around the country.

when you weigh the quality of all you get at independent stores versus big box stores, somehow those coupons don’t hold as much appeal. stores can’t make it if all they are able to sell is $1 papers, while a large majority of customers go elsewhere to purchase tools, inks and accessories at a discount.

i’m not sure what this will mean to me as an instructor at this moment, it’s too much to contemplate right now.

but i would suggest that we all try to support the only 2 remaining scrapbook related businesses in the area:

Scrapbook N’ More:

651 N Business IH 35 Ste 410, New Braunfels, TX 78130, (830) 214-1690,

susan has a nice large store and workroom. the stock is kept fresh by timed arrivals of new product. the staff in friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. susan also keeps an assortment of interesting classes on her schedule. watch her facebook page to view new product arrivals.

The Scrapbooking Factory:
jane holds monthly retreats where a limited amount of merchandise is sold. but jane has an eye for putting together collections and embellishments that coordinate, so you’ll find enough product to keep you happy. she also has a booth at Craftiques Mall on NW Military.

another resource you might consider is joining is the Meetup Group: San Antonio Scrapbooking headed up by Victoria Tovar. they keep a full calender of free crops as well as class offerings. dues are only $6 a year.

the february PhotoFull and Money $aving classes at stamp antonio will be held as scheduled.

6 thoughts on “stamp antonio closing… sad news…

  1. I just got the same email. I am sad I was new to the mixed media art world until 2013. I am so glad I took your altered book class & that I have met some great gals on my Tuesday Tag class. I will be lost on Tuesdays now.

  2. Thank you Tami for sharing such sad news for us scrappers.
    I am so sad to see our friends closing my favorite scape or happy place as my close friends called it…
    I hope we all can keep the other two stores in business. I visted and bought some of Jane’s products at the craftique mall. Great variaty, but i wish we could see more classes.
    Please keep posting in our group, we will follow you :-)
    Thank you

  3. OMG, Tami, this is the saddest news I’ve gotten!!! I will be so sad to see SA close. After hearing about Archivers, I was afraid the Mom n Pops would follow.

    Sylvia n I go to Scrapbook n More as often as we can. We love what Susan carries. I guess now we’ll be going up there more.

    Wishing all the best for Amy n Carol; and looking forward to taking your classes in SM.

  4. OMGOSH… I can’t believe it! Holy Cow!!!! That’s my favorite place ever!!!! Now I’m depressed!@!!!!

  5. Saw the email last night, was immediately freaked out. The Stamp Antonio crew is so sweet and helpful, the store is beautiful, convenient to access, and they offer awesome products and classes. It’s truly a sad turn of events. I’ve met so many nice “croppers” at the monthly classes and look forward to visiting with them each month and sharing ideas. Tami, you are so right, it is scary to lose such a great source for specialized product. And I’m so afraid about continued classes, too. I’m just sick all the way around!

  6. This is so sad. It happened to my favorite store in McKinney, TX too. Sure had fun at your class on Saturday. Kathy Miller

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