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it’s COLD outside!

i took my my oldest to the “pasta & play” event at his school tonight. everything went well until we went out to get in the car at about 10:00 PM after the event. my car was COVERED with ICE! all the windows were iced up, and we even had trouble getting the doors open as the entire CAR was iced up! now i know those of you up north are LAUGHING at this, 26 degrees is considered bikini weather in some places, but here in texas that is COLD! lol!

the good news is that the weather is supposed to warm up by mid afternoon friday, and be nice and clear on saturday.

which brings me to my class on saturday, the {SO SWEET} aLTeRed tray class. there are still a few spots left and the weather shouldn’t be a challenge. so if you don’t have plans for saturday yet, and want to do something crafty, there is still time to sign up.

if you can’t make the class, but like the project, you can sign up for a kit. the price is the same, $28, and everything that needs to be done in class, will be done for you. the only info i need is the initials you want on the chalkboard piece: ” ____ + ____”.

please call scrapbook n’ more at (830) 214-1690 for more info or to sign up.


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