{so smitten} class pics

this is for the ladies who took my {so smitten} altered book class…

when i mess up, i like to do it up RIGHT!

i always double check my links before i send them out, and when i checked the link for the class pics page, it worked fine for me.

but not only did i use the wrong class name, but i also set the privacy settings wrong – resulting in most of you being directed to the post about my altered tray.

please accept my apologies for the technical difficulties. i have just emailed the HOPEFULLY, fingers and toes crossed, correct link!

if you didn’t get an email and want the link to the page with the larger class pics – and ATTENDED the class, please drop me an email.

apologies again for the confusion…

2 thoughts on “{so smitten} class pics

  1. Tami, please send me the link to the class photos. I am working on completion of the book today with my sister.
    enjoyed your class as always.

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