garage sale pics…

here are some pics of the scrapbook goodies that i’m taking to the garage sale at Scrapbook N’ More tomorrow for the garage sale on saturday…

4 packs of 12 X 12 cardstock letters – 4 different colors – only $1.50 for ALL 4 sets…

gs1 (1280x960)

DOZENS of thickers for $1…

gs4 (960x1280)

gs5 (1280x960)

seaworld and disney papers and embellies…

gs2 (1280x960) gs3 (1280x960)

lots and lots of embellies and papers – ALL CHEAP! paper packs have pics of what papers are inside, so you know what you are getting!

gs6 (1280x960) gs7 (960x1280) gs8 (1280x960) gs9 (960x1280) gs11 (1280x960) gs12 (960x1280) gs13 (960x1280) gs15 (1280x960) gs16 (1280x960) gs17 (1280x960) gs18 (1280x960)

i’m still working on MORE, and this is only the stuff I’M bringing!

come shop!

2 thoughts on “garage sale pics…

  1. Holy Toledo, Tami. Where are earth are you getting all this stuff? If you happen to see any of the American Art Stamps or Gourmet Stamps of Karen Kopler’s “stick” people… keep me in mind, ok?

    I love some of those bling words… Where’s your garage sale at?

  2. bought lots of stuff for kits after sb911 closed. we were going to do kits and classes on our own – just got too busy :( sale is at scrapbook n’ more in new braunfels

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