november photoFULL & M$$ classes…


this month’s photoFULL & money $aving $ketches classes will be held on tuesday, november 18 from 10:30 to 1:30 at Scrapbook n’ More in new braunfels…

here are some snippets of the layouts…

photoFULL: another BIG ONE! with Christmas fast approaching, i thought you could use some LARGE photoFULL layout! this one holds about 25+ photos a mix of verticals and horizontals, and not much cropping of photos unless you want to.

2014 - 11 pf layout blog

money $aving $ketches: both layouts hold about 8 photos, there are some large mats so you can crop your photos to fit as you wish. layouts can use horizontal or vertical photos or a mix of both. photos that can be cropped to 4 X 4 are especially good for these layouts.

2014 - 11 - m$$ layout 1 - blog

2014 - 11 m$$ - layout 2 blog

you can find more info on these two class series by clicking on: CLASS INFO PHOTOFULL or CLASS INFO MONEY $AVING $KETCHES.

you can take these classes at the following locations…

you can attend one or both of these classes on tuesday, november 18, from 10:30 to 1:30 at Scrapbook N’ More in new braunfels

please call (830) 214-1690 for more info or to sign up. cost of EACH class is $15 and does include your choice of $5 in supplies. if you do decide to come last minute or if you just didn’t sign up – that is not a problem – PLEASE STILL COME!

Linda Norman is also be teaching this class at her home

Linda has been taking my classes for awhile, and was nice enough to offer to teach these classes for those of you who liked them, but can’t make it out to new braunfels. Linda will be working a month behind… for instance, the PF and M$$ classes i am teaching for november at Scrapbook N’ More, will be offered by Linda in december. you can contact Linda at: to sign up or for more information.

via e-mail

if you can’t make the classes at Scrapbook N’ More or at Linda’s, then you can get them by e-mail. please contact me to set up either or both of these classes through e-mail. please click on the contact me tab and let me know you are interested, and i’ll get back to you with the details.

these will be the last classes i’ll be teaching for the year, no classes for december, we’ll pick back up in january.

please leave a comment; i'd love to hear from you!

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